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Inside Our Marquee - Murray, newbie ? and Art
Outside our Marquee - Julie, ? Elinore and Betty
Elinore and Chris
Chucki and Elinore, most wanted, 
roaming the fields
Chris with Visiting Friend
Chucki and (adoptee) Brigitte engaging in "Craftiness"
See John cook, just one of his MANY jobs
John gets a new Hat 
which better describes his position.
Our Give-aways table
If it's Free, it's always popular
John juggles his  8 jobs well
Here's Chucki, Sophie and Sue to help out
Our Newbie for 2016  ?
Since Peter could not attend, John also had to be Quartermaster and fill in for Peter's  hardest "job",..namely sleeping in a chair.  Well Done John!